Duct Air Leakage Testing (DALT)

Duct Air Leakage Testing (DALT) is a cost effective method of potentially reducing an owners overall cost of operation.  Testing is preformed to maximize efficiency in an air handling system minimizing the energy used to heat and cool an area.

TAB Services can test and certify the results of leakage testing in ducts and equipment casings having as little as a few cfm of leakage up to over 1500 cfm of leakage.  We are capable of testing with pressures up to +16” w.c. and negative pressure testing down to -16” w.c.

Calculating the allowable leakage in accordance with SMACNA guidelines is included as part of the testing procedure.  If necessary, smoke induction can be used to identify leakage areas in tested ductwork.  After TAB Services has determined the actual amount of air leakage, the mechanical contractor can do the necessary fixes to reach the allowable leakage rate.

The less leakage, the more efficient and cost effect a system is, ultimately reducing energy costs .