About TAB Services


TAB Services is an independent test and balance agency engaged exclusively in testing, adjusting, and balancing as well as Commissioning of mechanical systems. TAB Services was founded by George H. Meier, Charles Sockwell and Tyrus R. Sockwell in 1967.

The company has grown from a local engineering firm to a global test and balance firm. TAB Services takes pride as being the oldest test and balance firm in the southeast. With that distinguished designation comes the responsibility to provide our clients with a product that is backed by our unparalleled quality and integrity. We are, and will continue to be, one of the leading providers of test and balance services in the nation.

TAB Services has four geographic divisions with technicians residing in all of them:

  • Atlanta Metro
  • Savannah Metro/Georgia
  • Charlotte Metro/North Carolina
  • South Carolina

In addition to this geographic focus, we also service national accounts anywhere in the United States. Our international operations have included projects in Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

To ensure our technicians remain highly qualified, we maintain a continuing education program. This consists of in-house training by professionals plus participation in the AABC Certified Technician Program.


As one of the larger test and balance companies, TAB Services has a field force that allows for flexibility in staffing. The company can handle the largest and the smallest jobs as well as schedule a team to expedite work when timing is especially critical.


Our Technicians have diverse backgrounds, including sheet metal fabrication and installation, controls installation, programming and troubleshooting, and HVAC systems installation including service repair.  Each technician is supplied with appropriate instrumentation that is factory inspected and regularly calibrated. 


 The expertise of our in-house engineering department is often used by other independent consultants for input and recommendations, especially concerning specialty systems. This team performs our pre-field engineering analysis and agenda preparation, benefiting our customers with better efficiency and quality control.





TAB Services is certified in both AABC and NEBB. We offer a full time staff of engineers to review reports and insure a quality report is provided to our clients in a timely fashion.




Associated Air Balance Council                     NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL BALANCING BUREAU


GSA                                                                    ASHRAE                                                         AABC Commissioning Group

U.S. General Services Administration                                          ASHRAE                                                             AABC Commission Group

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Sheet Metal Workers International Association                 American Society for Heathcare Engineers


Office Locations

There are 3 TAB Services office locations in the Southeast. Charlotte, NC, Savannah, GA and the main office in Atlanta, GA. We have technicians strategically located throughout to insure optimal job coverage.

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